Charging stations now available in Calumet and Copper Harbor’s Keweenaw Mountain Lodge

Electric vehicle owners can use these stations as they explore the Keweenaw.
Published: Aug. 10, 2022 at 6:42 PM EDT
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COPPER HARBOR, Mich. (WLUC) - Two electric car charging stations have recently been installed in both Calumet and the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge near Copper Harbor.

Both installations were headed up by John Mueller, the Lodge’s Interim General Manager, and his son, Martin. They selected Rivian Automotive, Inc. as a provider, which focuses on off-road vehicles,

“Rivian is another electrical vehicle company kind of like Tesla,” said Martin. “But their focus is to make electrical vehicles that are meant for off-roading travels, like going off-roading on the dirt roads or the gravel or the mud. One of the values that we encompass here is appreciating the environment around us, and Rivian is a good partnership to go with.”

The stations have chargers that can be used by any vehicle on the market, though some may require adapters. The goal behind these stations is for visitors to tour the Keweenaw without worrying about being unable to charge.

“We want to reduce range anxiety,” continued Martin. “Whenever they’re coming out here to hang out, or just to relax, or to explore the Keweenaw, they’re guaranteed a charge whenever they need to.”

Charging is free, as Rivian tests how the chargers handle the Keweenaw, but a rate may be applied in the coming months.

According to Visit Keweenaw’s Brad Barnett, it is important that the U.P keeps up with the changing industry.

“We’re seeing an increase in individuals driving electrified snowmobiles, ORVs, and even boats,” said Barnett. “The recreation industry is moving in this direction as well, and if we want to continue to attract visitors, we need to be at the forefront of adopting these technologies.”

The stations will be available year-round, with lodge staff making sure they are ready in the wintertime.

For a look at the process as to how the stations were installed, click here.

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