4-H members prepare for Marquette County Fair

Published: Aug. 9, 2022 at 5:19 PM EDT
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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - The Marquette County fair begins on Thursday, August 11 and three families who work on a shared farm to show animals with 4-H are finishing their preparations.

4-H is a hands-on learning agricultural experience that allows kids a chance to get hands-on experiences. Molly Holt, 9, says she is happy with how her animals are doing.

“It’s been going good. I’m raising a pig and a lamb,” Holt said. “My pig’s name is bacon and my lamb’s name is May.”

She says she enjoys spending time with her animals.

“Getting to walk the pigs and lambs is kind of fun and getting to actually work with them is fun,” Holt said.

Parent Jenny Lindsey says having three families on one farm allows them to help each other out.

“It works well because if one of the families has something going on or if they aren’t feeling well the others can step up and take care of chores,” Lindsey said. “It’s really cool that these older kids can work alongside the younger kids.”

Allie Nelson, 13, has been showing animals for four years. She says 4-H has taught her many lessons that will follow her into the future.

“Definitely a hard work ethic but besides that, you learn business skills,” Nelson said. “All of us are technically entrepreneurs with 4-H and we’re learning all sorts of skills that should help us in the future.”

Nelson encourages everyone to come out to the fair and support the 4-H groups.

“You can see all the work that people have put into the animals,” Nelson said. “This is pretty much what we’ve done this whole summer.”

Visit the Marquette County Fair’s website to view the event schedule.

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