Candidate Jenn Hill, Mahaney family respond to Rep. Cambensy’s letter to AG Nessel

Rep. Sara Cambeny sent a letter to Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel on Thursday citing...
Rep. Sara Cambeny sent a letter to Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel on Thursday citing concerns over the sale of the old Marquette hospital site.(WLUC)
Published: Jul. 29, 2022 at 12:06 PM EDT
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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - On Friday candidate for Michigan House District 109 and Marquette City Commissioner, Jenn Hill, released a statement in response to Rep. Sara Cambensy’s letter to Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel concerning the old hospital site sale.

Hill’s complete statement is below.

I am deeply disappointed by Rep. Cambensy’s false accusations against me and one of my supporters in a letter to Attorney General Nessel. One of the donors to the campaign is named Mahaney. However, this person is not married to the CEO of Veridea, Robert Mahaney. Rep. Cambensy could have learned this herself by simply comparing the address on the campaign finance filing to the address for Robert Mahaney’s wife’s and seeing that they do not match. This error needs to be corrected.

Our current State Representative showed us how little work she is willing to put in before lobbing false information to help a political ally via a letter of complaint on official letterhead to the Attorney General. This misuse of taxpayer dollars cannot stand, and the people deserve better. If elected, I will spend my time addressing real problems impacting families’ daily lives: the need for affordable housing, reproductive rights, worker protections, access to child care and lowering costs of utilities and prescription drugs.

People want more from their elected officials than attacks. As I knock on doors in all four counties of the 109th district, I am hearing again and again that people are so tired of the fighting and the sharp partisan divide.  We need leaders who bring people together to find solutions for the tough problems we have. I wiIl work to ensure that no one is left behind.

On Thursday evening, Tony Ruiz and Nicole Mahaney sent TV6 a draft on behalf of the Mahaney family concerning the “reckless inaccuracies” in Cambensy’s letter. The full letter is included below.

Question 14: Campaign Finance Violation

Chocolay Twp, MI— July 28, 2022

Our family is deeply saddened today by the absolute reckless and malicious use of a letter to Attorney General Dana Nessel regarding a fundraiser that we hosted a few weeks back. Question 14 is blatantly an attack on City Commissioner Jennifer Hill and the Mahaney family for mudslinging and political purposes. The timing of this letter, with the primary election being only five days away, is clear.

There are at least THREE women in Marquette County that share the same first and last name as the campaign contributor in question. While some or all may be related, like many families, these women share their own lives, beliefs and affiliations. However, they are all pillars of the community. Unfortunately, Ms. Cambensy acted with at least a reckless intent and without the proper fact checking that should be automatic for a representative of the State of Michigan and the 109th District. The woman that attended our fundraiser for Jenn Hill is NOT the wife of “Veridea’s CEO”. The woman who did attend is our mother/mother-in-law and she should not be attacked for supporting a candidate, especially one with such virtue.

A simple checking of the address that is associated with the contribution in question or verifying that they have different middle names would have shown that these are two different people. If an error this asinine is made regarding one issue in Ms. Cambensy’s letter, what does that say for the credibility of the rest of her letter and concerns? We continue our support of Jenn Hill, because of her thoroughness, passion, integrity and dedication to being a positive neighbor to all in the 109th District.

While we acknowledge that mistakes happen, and unfortunately simple ones at that, because of the blatant political motivations behind this one we demand better, better from this State Representative and the next.

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