Hall Farms in Rock gives outlook on sunflower fields

The bloom has been pushed back a week more than normal because of the latest extreme weather
Hall Farms is anticipating a season full of sunflowers.
Published: Jul. 22, 2022 at 2:41 PM EDT
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ROCK, Mich. (WLUC) - A well-known farm in Delta County will soon have sunflowers blooming for the general public to see.

This year, Teressa Hall of Hall Farms is preparing for approximately 440,000 sunflowers to bloom. It is a site that has drawn in thousands of people from all over the country for the past five years.

“We’ve gotten [people from] Detroit, Chicago, Texas, Iowa (and) Idaho. It is amazing who is up on vacation and they find (the farm),” said Hall.

Hall is getting ready to welcome thousands of visitors to the at least 20-acre field for a span of two and a half to three weeks.

The U.P. itself has faced a lot of extreme weather this summer, especially some high temperatures. There was also hail that hit parts of the area last week, setting the bloom a week back.

“The bloom is probably going to be about a week later than normal because of that,” Hall said. “But, we think they will come out of it and still have beautiful flowers and produce seeds we’re looking for.”

Hall says flowers that aren’t sold have another purpose.

“We will let them grow out here in the field and mature,” said Hall. “And then, we will harvest them in the fall when they have dried down. We’ll harvest them for black oil bird seed.”

Despite the season starting off a little cool, Hall is looking forward to welcoming back the public. She even said there could be some additions to add to the experience.

“We’re working on things and have plans to add a few new things for different picture opportunities and things like that,” Hall said.

Hall said people can start visiting the field during the second week of August.

To get updates on opening dates and bloom, visit the Hall Farms Facebook page. You can find Hall Farms on St. Nicholas 31st Road in Rock, about seven miles off of M-35.

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