Marquette area wedding planners see increased costs caused by inflation

Published: Jul. 5, 2022 at 5:44 PM EDT
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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - With wedding season reaching its peak, brides and grooms are experiencing issues caused by inflation.

According to a Marquette Township bridal shop, shipping times have increased meaning brides might need to think further in advance when planning.

A Bride’s Choice Store Manager Jasmine Verbrigghe says shipping is taking four to six weeks longer than normal.

“Prior to the pandemic we used to say five to six months for bridal gowns, and four to six months for bridesmaids were great times to start looking and ordering within a shorter timeframe around there as well,” Verbrigghe said. “Now, we’re saying you should look between seven to nine and ordering about the seven-month mark.”

Vebrigghe says the manufacturers are getting hit the hardest with inflation because many domestic and global warehouses have a smaller staff.

“Our manufacturers are seeing issues getting certain materials or seeing a delay in the materials,” Verbrigghe said. “Some of our manufacturers have warehouses overseas that they are using and we have seen closes in those warehouses and manufacturers due to covid and the surplus of sicknesses.”

In Chocolay Township, Nagelkirk Garden’s Event Manager Samantha Evans says prices have stabilized since opening the venue last year.

“We’ve been pretty settled with the price since then, being a venue luckily we have a lot more stability when it comes to pricing,” Evans said.

Evans says there are a number of ways people can save when planning a wedding.

“The biggest way to cut costs would be to do a lot of your own décor or papery those can add up really quickly or cutting your guest count that’s the best way,” Evans said. “It’s connected to so many other vendors and costs surrounding place settings and décor and bar costs. A plate per person can get really expensive.”

Evans says that there has been an influx of weddings and the venue has been getting bookings into 2025.

“In general, we have seen more brides than ever before. It just seems to be getting increasingly busy,” Verbrigghe said.

Vebrigghe says the way weddings are planned has changed due to the pandemic and increased costs.

“Just the way weddings are being planned has shifted and I think that brides are adapting to that as well and being open to all options instead of focusing on ‘oh I need that brand new gown that none has worn before,” Verbrigghe said

Evans says the size of weddings has shifted as well.

“Last year was our first year it was pretty slow we had quite a few weddings I would say we did about 10, guest counts were really high though,” Evans said. “The big difference this year is we’re busier, but guest counts are much lower, I would say about half. So rather than a max compacity of 150, we are seeing weddings that are closer to seven.”

To elevate your look on a budget Vebrigghe suggests borrowing accessories like necklaces or veils from any friends or family who have recently been married and incorporating them into your outfit.

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