Marquette County car dealership gives free gas to customers

Published: Jul. 1, 2022 at 7:42 PM EDT
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NEGAUNEE, Mich. (WLUC) - Some Marquette County motorists got a surprise at the pump, just before the Fourth of July.

Gasoline was given away Friday afternoon at the Holiday gas station in Negaunee. Fox Motors gave away $50 to 30 Fox customers. The General Manager of Fox Negaunee, Matt Forward said this event is special for the dealership.

“It’s great to be doing it, as I said this is our fourth year, it’s in and out every year, a lot of surprised faces. Just being able to light up somebody’s day on a Friday afternoon going into the holiday weekend is a great feeling,” he said.

Motorists with a Fox badge or plate courtesy of Fox Motors got the free gas - a total of $1,500. Forward said there is a good reason why Fox gives out gas this time of the year.

“Fourth of July a lot of people are traveling, getting the boats out on the water, going out to camps, so there is a little bit more travel than just a normal weekend,” said Forward. “We like to do it around the holiday weekend just to give everybody a little bit of extra cushion on that weekend.”

Friday’s program is one aspect of the “Fox CARES” initiative. The program is all about giving back to the community. Forward said Fox also supports the Negaunee Public Schools.

“We’re involved heavily in Negaunee football doing some fundraising for their scoreboard. Any time we get involved with Negaunee Public Schools with helping with meals or sports we try our best not to say no,” added Forward.

Forward said the next event Fox is sponsoring is the Negaunee Public Schools golf outing next Friday. Where a person will have the opportunity to win a car if they make a hole in one.

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