Marquette Senior High School hosts first-ever Issues to Action Showcase

Seniors from the AP and U.S. Government courses shared their projects based on issues they are most passionate about
Published: May. 24, 2022 at 4:25 PM EDT
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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - On Tuesday, seniors from Marquette Senior High School’s AP and U.S. Government courses presented the global issues they are most passionate about at the first-ever Issues to Action Showcase.

AP Government teacher Blythe Raikko said their work could help make a difference.

“It was really important that we showcase this with the entire student community,” said Raikko. “It’s not just for me and my teaching partner, but to get it out so members of the community can come in and see the great work that our students are doing.”

Students addressed a wide array of national and global issues, including genocide education, reproductive rights, gender equality, and climate change. Kai Carter was proud to showcase her project on youth mental health resources.

“This is a statewide issue that there’s a general lack of resources catering to youth in Michigan,” said Carter. “And, Michigan has one of the lowest student-counselor ratios in the country.”

Carter’s project partner, Caitlyn Uimari, hopes to continue spreading awareness on the topic.

“We’re hoping that we can encourage better communication with adults, really voice our needs, and figure out what works best for mental health resources at the school,” Uimari said.

In supporting students’ desires to address the issues they presented on outside of school, voter registration was also available at the showcase for eligible seniors through the MI Vote Matters initiative to encourage students to be involved in their governments.

“Just because you’re born in a democracy doesn’t mean you’re going to die in one,” Raikko said. “And so, we all have a civic responsibility to be informed, but then to also do something about it. And, your vote is your voice.”

The high school plans to hold this showcase and the MI Vote Matters initiative annually as seniors look to “leave their Marq” before beginning their next chapter.

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