Gwinn High School holds grand-reveal of machine donation

Published: Apr. 27, 2022 at 4:51 PM EDT
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GWINN, Mich. (WLUC) - Gwinn High School students are getting ready to use the Okuma Three-Axis CNC Spindle in technical skills classes.

They will use the machine to turn designs into stainless steel parts. Resolve Surgical Technologies partnered with other local organizations to make the donation two months ago.

“Several of our partners have been involved in getting this machine up and running in order to develop and support that advancement of technical skill development in the Gwinn Schools community.” said Resolve Surgical Technologies CEO Megan Osorio.

Wednesday was the grand reveal of the machine. Gwinn High School CTE instructor Jared Mottes explains how it will be implemented in the classroom.

“Either we’re going to use it in current classes or if we get things together fast enough we may create a whole new class for the machine.”

Mottes says the machine will help students develop advanced technical skills.

“They’ll learn to program this machine so that will help with algebra, geometry and other math courses. You also have to understand a coordinate system just to understand basic movements with this machine.”

The industry-grade machine is estimated to be worth $50,000, it will give students experience with equipment they may use in their future career.

“It gives them access to real-world technology, they could learn a skill while they’re here and then potentially take that into the workforce straight out of school if that’s something they choose to do,” said Osorio.

The machine was previously used by Resolve to make stainless steel medical-grade surgical instrumentation.

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