BSB Farms increases safety measures against avian flu risk

Published: Apr. 7, 2022 at 5:06 PM EDT
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SKANDIA, Mich. (WLUC) - At BSB Farms in Skandia, sanitizing and further safety measures are being used.

The Michigan DNR reported the state’s first case of Avian Flu last week. Even though it’s in lower Michigan, the owner of BSB Farms, Luke Bell, said he has to keep track of those who go in the hen house.

“Well, we sanitize everything, anybody who goes into the hen house sanitizes their feet before they go into it, puts bags over their boots. It’s all tracked in from outside particles and bird droppings,” he said.

The farm closely monitors symptoms like swelling in the eyes and color changes in the bird’s plumage. Bell said if a chicken ends up with the strain, he will have to contact a veterinarian immediately to determine the next steps. Because of the disease bell said he has had to adjust the pricing of his eggs to be sold.

“Pricing has gone up just in the last couple of weeks because of the shortages of eggs, whenever markets hear of 23 million birds being destroyed because of avian flu, that automatically will drive the price of eggs up,” Bell said.

With the Easter holiday around the corner, eggs are in high demand. Despite the looming presence of the flu, Bell said he and his farm are ready for the increased demand.

“The eggs are in the store on a daily basis, we have 35 hundred birds here, they are in high demand our eggs, we don’t keep a surplus, it’s out the door our eggs are fresh so yes we are prepared for the Easter rush,” Bell said.

Since BSB Farms is an open farm, visits are allowed but bell says they will be limited due to the Avian Flu.

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