VIDEO: Man finds 7-foot-long snake in his couch

Published: Apr. 3, 2022 at 4:44 PM EDT
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SAN DIEGO, Calif. (KGTV) – A snake found slithering in your couch might sound like something out of a nightmare, but it actually happened to someone in California last week.

Alex Trejo owns So-Cal Rattlesnake Removal and gets calls for removing snakes all the time.

“This guy calls me, is pretty frantic and he’s like, ‘There’s a snake in my couch,’” he said.

Even he was surprised by what he found when he removed the massive snake hiding in someone’s couch in San Diego, California.

“I literally lift the cushion and there was this giant seven-foot Vietnamese blue beauty rat snake is just coiled up right behind the cushion,” Trejo said.

Trejo said the Vietnamese blue beauty rat snake is a rare find, even for him.

“You’d be more lucky to find a Rolex sitting on the ground than a snake like this,” he said.

They can grow to be up to eight feet long, and the snake that was found was almost that length.

Wrangling a snake that big wasn’t easy, but Trejo said they aren’t venomous, just a bit defensive sometimes. Trejo was nearly bitten by the snake when he attempted to remove it.

“He didn’t get my skin but he actually got the lining of my shirt,” he said.

As for where the blue beauty came from, that’s still a mystery.

The homeowner said it definitely isn’t his.

Trejo said the snakes are legal to keep as pets, and this one most likely just escaped from it’s owner.

For a snake that thrives in tropical weather, being outside of a controlled climate for a few days took its toll. Trejo said it now has a respiratory infection.

“I have a very good friend who deals with these exotic animals. He’s out there treating the snake right now. We really are keeping our fingers crossed hoping the snake makes it.”

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