Students challenged to stay off social media, Part 2

Of the 25 students who participated, 11 of them made it to the end
A teacher in Munising challenged his students to stay off social media for 30 days
Published: Mar. 22, 2022 at 7:49 AM EDT
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MUNISING, Mich. (WLUC) - A social studies teacher in Munising challenged his high schoolers to take a break from social media for a month.

In Part 1, we found out why two-dozen students decided to participate.

In Part 2, how they did and how it changed their perspective. This is something most of us can probably learn from.

It sounds so simple, stay off social media for 30 days.

But in a world that revolves around posts, stories, shares, likes and loves, it is anything but simple. We do it without even realizing we’re doing it. We scroll, we click and the content we’re viewing, it has an impact, like it or not.

“Not having to scroll through and see all these photoshopped photos of girls and you think to yourself you’ll never be like that,” said 10th grader Jailen Hancock. “It really helps just to get away from it.”

Freshman Elizabeth Wing added, “Just the image that people are putting out there just effects your view on yourself. It’s very harmful especially through your late middle school years and now I’m just entering high school, so that’s a big thing.”

It’s a big reason why this group of students decided to take their teacher’s social media challenge: 30 days - no scrolling, no clicking. And while they all said they felt the benefits, almost immediately, it wasn’t easy.

Whether they made it to the end or not, all of the students said the challenge changed them. They say they’ll be paying more attention to how they’re feeling and how much time they’re spending online.

Cloe Witty a 10th grader acknowledged, “I noticed that I didn’t really miss much. I went back on my social medias and I started scrolling and I was like, why did I miss this so much?”

“I feel like it was beneficial, more to just have more me time and more to have a better connection with my sister and get to hear more about her day,” added 10th grader Ervin Ludy.

Eric Lynch, the students’ teacher, says he’s proud of all of his students. The conversations, the awareness, the student’s willingness to try something different. He’s optimistic the challenge will have a lasting impact - exactly the outcome he hoped for.

“A lot of kids, they did take this seriously,” said Lynch, “and win or lose, they learned something from this hopefully.”

Of Eric Lynch’s 50 students, 25 took the challenge and 11 made it to the end.

All of this was inspired by the documentary ‘The Social Dilemma.’ You can watch it for yourself on Netflix.

Lynch says while the class didn’t reach the benchmark to receive any incentives for completing the challenge, he is working on a reward for those who made it to the end.

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