Gov. Whitmer focuses on efforts to build rural economies and save Michiganders money

Gov. Whitmer
Gov. Whitmer(Governor Whitmer's office)
Published: Mar. 17, 2022 at 8:19 PM EDT
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LANSING, Mich. (WLUC) - Gov. Whitmer says she is focused on building rural economies in Michigan and saving Michiganders money.

Gov. Whitmer said she is very proud of the selection for the new rural development leader, Sarah Lucas, and building Michigan’s economy starts with building rural communities.

“What we want to do is recognize that our economy is strong when all parts of our rural economy are strong and the rural part of our state is incredibly important,” Gov. Whitmer said.

Gov. Whitmer says Sarah Lucas’ background in building rural economies through affordable housing and connectivity is what makes her the right fit for the job.

“These are crucial to ensuring that our rural communities are thriving as our community continues to grow in Michigan,” Gov. Whitmer said. “That’s why having someone like Sarah lead this effort makes so much sense.”

Last month, the governor proposed a $74.1 billion budget to boost education spending, pay bonuses to frontline pandemic workers and cut taxes for retirees and low-income families.

She said this budget will give schools in rural communities like Upper Michigan a chance for equality.

“We actually closed the gap between lower funded districts and the wealthiest districts in Michigan,” Gov. Whitmer said. “Four governors before me tried to get this done.”

With inflation rising, the legislature is exploring ways people can save money.

They introduced the Michigan Republican-led state gas tax bill which would suspend gas tax for six months.

Gov. Whitmer opposes this bill.

“This legislation doesn’t even go into effect until next year. So, it’s not really real relief for people. That’s why I say I don’t want to play any games. I want to get it done.”

Instead, she says she’s providing financial relief in other ways.

“That’s part of what these $400 checks are going to do. I got the insurance industry to give people back some of their hard-earned money.”

Another way Gov. Whitmer said she saving money for Michiganders is by removing tax from retirement.

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