Increasing gas prices affecting Marquette County businesses

Window Outfitters and Aubree’s are two of the many affected nationwide
Window Outfitters and Aubree’s are two of the many affected nationwide.
Published: Mar. 8, 2022 at 7:08 PM EST
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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - As gas prices hit a record high across the nation people and business alike in Marquette County are feeling the pinch.

Window Outfitters in Negaunee township is among them. The company’s 11 truck fleet travels across Upper Michigan installing windows. Owner Joe Dost thinks customers may have to pay more going forward due to the company’s rising gas expenses.

“We’ve got jobs that are sold at a specific price but those jobs are contracted, those customers wont be affected but future customers could be” Dost said.

The company is concerned customers may not want to continue doing business if prices get too high. Dost continued, “That would determine whether or not its going to win us jobs or lose us jobs. It may push that customer out of budget.”

Window Outfitters isn’t the only business struggling. Aubree’s Pizzeria and Grill in Marquette is also facing the reality of high gas prices. General Manager Paul Russell says the restaurant’s drivers are delivering less as a result.

“Deliveries are a little down because of it, DoorDash is up because people don’t want to tip the drivers as well. DoorDash is a pretty big part of our business.”

If gas prices continue to rise Aubree’s could consider eclectic delivery vehicles. Russell said, “Possibly in the future but we haven’t looked into it quite yet.”

Aubree’s main focus right now is making sure deliveries continue to go out on time even when busy. In order to compensate for higher gas prices the company has had to make a few adjustments. Russell explains, “We’ve had to cut back a little bit only because it’s been a slow time of year, students out of town. We should see an influx of business in a little bit.”

Despite the higher price at the pump Aubree’s is optimistic business will pick up as the warmer months approach and tourism in Upper Michigan increases.

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