Sen. Ron Johnson announces run for third term

Senator Ron Johnson, R-Wisconsin, speaking at an event in Black River Falls, Wis.
Senator Ron Johnson, R-Wisconsin, speaking at an event in Black River Falls, Wis.(Max Cotton)
Published: Jan. 9, 2022 at 9:52 AM EST
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OSHKOSH, Wis. (WBAY) - U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) has officially announced he’s seeking a third term in office.

Johnson, 66, released a statement Sunday confirming his re-election campaign. Action 2 News reported on Friday that Johnson intended to run.

“In 2010, I promised I would always tell people the truth and that I would never vote with re-election in mind. An extension of that promise is that I don’t conduct myself worrying about re-election. When re-election is not your primary motivation, those are easy promises to keep - and I have faithfully done so. That attitude is relatively unique in Washington, and it may be one reason why many appreciate having me involved in the national debate,” said Senator Johnson.

“So today, I am announcing I will continue to fight for freedom in the public realm by running for re-election. It is not a decision I have made lightly. Having already experienced a growing level of vitriol and false attacks, I certainly don’t expect better treatment in the future. In order for my campaign to succeed, I will need the support of every Wisconsinite who values the truth and refuses to allow lies and distortions to prevail.”

The Oshkosh businessman was elected to Congress in 2010 and re-elected six years later, defeating Democrat Russ Feingold each time.

As of this publication, there are three other Republicans seeking the nomination: John Berman, Brad Beyer and Justin Doty.

There is a long list of Democrats who have announced candidacy for the seat: Mandela Barnes, Gillian Battino, Sarah Godlewski, Alex Lasry, Kou Lee, Chantia Lewis, Adam Murphy, Tom Nelson, Steven Olikara, Peter Peckarsky, Jeff Rumbaugh, Darrell Williams.

“The only people celebrating Ron Johnson’s announcement are his donors and the corporate special interest groups he’s bailed out time and time again. Let’s get to work and retire this failed senator,” Barnes said Sunday.

Nelson said, “Ron Johnson has spent the last decade catering to the ultra-wealthy millionaires and corporate interests who fund his campaign. I’ve spent the last seventeen years fighting for Wisconsin families, including helping save a century-old paper mill in my home county with hundreds of union jobs preserved. Wisconsin needs a Senator that will promote Main Street solutions to our rigged economy, not another millionaire or billionaire.”

UW- Milwaukee Professor of Urban Planning Mordecai Lee said, “After all how many Wisconsin voters are going to say, well I was going to vote for him but because he broke his promise I’m going to vote against him. You know, you could probably fill a phone booth with that number of voters.”

“It’s going to be bumper to bumper TV ads,” Lee said. “In fact I think there’s going to be so much TV advertising, it’s going to push the usual TV advertisers off the air.”

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