Financial expert, gym owner weigh in on making New Year’s resolutions that work

They’re easy to promise but hard to keep.
This is a recording of the TV6 News Tonight.
Published: Dec. 28, 2021 at 2:29 PM EST
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HOUGHTON, Mich. (WLUC) - Setting a New Year’s resolution is easy. Following through with it can be more difficult.

If you’re looking to get ahead on your finances, Thrivent Financial Associate Travis Hanson says it’s best to start simple.

“A lot of times when we’re starting the new year it’s good for people to take a look and start with a budget,” said Hanson.

He says spending less money than you’re taking in is crucial. He says it’s also easy to take advantage of work benefits like retirement that can boost your bank account.

“Putting money in to grow tax-free forever is a good way to do that,” said Hanson. “Maxing out our buckets of tax-free investing is a great way to go.”

Debt accounts should also be considered.

“Everyone’s situation is different so there’s no one-size-fits-all approach,” concluded Hanson.

Whether you’re trying to grow the number in your bank account or the number of reps you do in each set – patience will be key.

Snap Fitness owner John Rabitoy says memberships often grow around the new year.

“The biggest mistake with fitness and health, people expect results in a couple of weeks,” said Rabitoy. “And, sometimes not getting the results they want discourages them.”

Rabitoy says it takes time to reach your fitness goals. He says that abs can also be made in the kitchen.

So, be sure to pair your workout plan with a healthy diet.

“Starting an exercise program and a fitness program will generally increase your daily energy,” said Rabitoy. “It helps employees become better employees in businesses. It also increases your metabolism and helps your immune system – something we need now.”

Regardless of what your New Year’s resolution may be – don’t be afraid to set your goals and keep trying.

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