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Skinny Pete's Bakery
Skinny Pete's Bakery(WLUC)
Published: Nov. 26, 2021 at 3:40 PM EST
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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - The Skinny Pete’s Bakery staff is always busy whisking mixes, loading ovens and filling orders.

Though, two years ago, Peter Jaszczak and Arthur Lyons weren’t bakers. The two friends had just met at their sisters’ soccer practice.

“I asked all my friends, I was like tomorrow I’m going to like, just bake at my house if you guys want to start a bakery or something,” said Arthur Lyons, co-owner of Skinny Pete’s. “I asked everybody, and Peter was the only one who showed up.”

“So, we made some gluten free bread that was actually terrible,” said Peter Jaszczak, or Skinny Pete. “It was like a brick. But it started the idea and so we were just thinking about what we could bake.”

Lyons says about a week later, Jaszczak suggested they just make regular bagels.

After perfecting the art of sourdough, Lyons and Jaszczak got to marketing their brand.

“We wanted to have a product that was accessible,” said Jaszczak. “A higher quality product that was accessible to more people. And most people who shop for food go to grocery stores.”

Skinny Pete’s Bakery products can now be found in places like Pat’s Foods and Econo Foods.

Crystal Fresh Mart in Crystal Falls just started selling the brand. The bakery does not have a storefront of its own – yet.

All of the bakery magic starts in a kitchen in the old Lake Linden school building.

That’s where the staff bakes and packages for distribution.

“Everything here is made from scratch, all of our products are semi local, or local,” said Jaszczak.

Piloting a business has taught Lyons and Jaszczak a lot.

“Time management, money management, talking to distributers and getting things in on time,” said Jaszczak.

But, they both take pride in having created a freshly made brand of bagels close to home.

“There’s not a ton of new things that happen in the area all the time,” said Lyons. “So, any time somebody can try something new they’re usually pretty open to it.”

From here, Skinny Pete’s says it will continue focusing on expanding its wholesale market.

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