Moosewood Nature Center hosts Presque Isle cleanup

Volunteers participated in Moosewood’s last event of its kind this year.
Sign at Presque Isle Park
Sign at Presque Isle Park(WLUC)
Published: Oct. 24, 2021 at 7:57 PM EDT
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Presque Isle is one of Marquette County’s most beautiful and most visited natural attractions.

However, some of the park’s visitors disregard its splendor by littering.

“A lot of its just respect,” Erik Johnson, Director, Moosewood Nature Center, said.

“You know you’re coming into a place that’s a preserve, its not just to drive around and see the scenery. We have to make sure that scenery is safe.”

To remedy this, the Moosewood Nature Center hosted a park clean-up today.

This is the first cleanup since the pandemic started.

“After tourist season it’s nice to go through and just pick up what they leave behind, its not necessarily the people in town that are making all the mess,” Johnson said.

The group doesn’t usually host cleanups during the winter, so they want to be sure to make this one count.

“This is like the end of the year for us cause its going to be getting ice age pretty soon,” Johnson said.

“So, we’ll give it one last look and see how we’re doing as far as trash goes.”

While there was not an extreme amount of garbage at Presque Isle, there was enough to warrant a clean up.

“I mean, its not like we come back with a dumpster full like it has been in the past in other places in Marquette, but there’s enough to make you go, ‘I’m glad I did it.’”

Johnson has a passion for keeping the natural area as pristine as possible.

“I’m on Presque Isle advisory committee, so I have a vested interest there, I took an oath to make sure the park is being maintained.”

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