UPDATE: UP state representative announces campaign for Secretary of State

108th State House District Representative Beau LaFave (R-Iron Mountain) posted his campaign announcement on Facebook Monday morning.
This is a recording of the TV6 Early News.
Published: Oct. 4, 2021 at 10:12 AM EDT
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IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. (WLUC) - UPDATE: State Representative Beau LaFave announced Monday he’s running for Secretary of State.

“After looking at the field of candidates I’ve determined that there’s nobody that has announced that has a better chance of defeating Jocelyn Benson in November than I do,” said Rep. Beau LaFave R-108th State House District.

Rep. Beau LaFave said on his Facebook announcement Monday morning that he is running to “open the offices.”

“I will be a Secretary of State that will be honest and restore some semblance of integrity back to the office,” said Rep. LaFave.

Rep. LaFave says people are waiting too long for driver’s licenses.

“So many people across the state of Michigan in the Upper Peninsula who just can’t get an online appointment and in any reasonable amount of time to get their driver’s license so they can deliver the groceries to the grocery store, our truck drivers are having problems,” said Rep. LaFave.

He feels residents need a Secretary of State who is accessible. Over the next 13 months, LaFave plans to travel to all 83 counties in Michigan.

“Every county in the state of Michigan deserves to see time with candidates and deserves to have their voices heard,” said LaFave.

He wants residents to know he’s lived in Michigan his whole life and he’s passionate about the people here.

“I didn’t go down to Lansing to find a lifelong job. I went down to Lansing so the people I work for in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula could stay where they want to live, so they didn’t have to go down to Lansing and fight,” said Rep. LaFave.

To be on the 2022 ballot, LaFave needs to be chosen at next year’s Republican State Convention. So far, only one other Republican has announced a campaign.

TV6 asked the Michigan Democratic Party to respond to LaFave’s announcement, but we have not heard back.

LaFave is in his third term as the 108th State House District Representative. He can’t run for that seat again, because of term limits.

A current state representative for Upper Michigan is campaigning for Secretary of State (SOS).

108th State House District Representative Beau LaFave (R-Iron Mountain) posted his campaign announcement on Facebook Monday morning.

The current representative serves Delta, Dickinson, and Menominee counties in the south central U.P. He was first elected to that seat Nov. 2016.

In his announcement, LaFave said that long wait times and closed Secretary of State offices is just one of the “many” issues for “why [he’s] running to Open the Offices and Restore Integrity to the SOS.”

TV6 is reaching out to LaFave for more about why he is running for the SOS position.

In order to be on the ballot for Secretary of State, LaFave would have to be chosen at the Republican convention next year. There is not a primary election to choose the SOS nominees. Click here to learn more.

To see the full statement from LaFave, check out his Facebook post embedded below.

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