Marquette woman wins big in 103-mile ultramarathon

Katie Kubont was the first-place female winner of the Superior Fall Ultramarathon in Minnesota.
Published: Sep. 13, 2021 at 4:51 PM EDT
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LUTSEN, Minn. (WLUC) - A Marquette woman was a first-place winner over the weekend in a 103-mile marathon.

Katie Kubont was the first-place female winner of the Superior Fall Ultramarathon in Minnesota.

“It was my 103.3 trail ultramarathon. It’s 21-thousand feet of elevation gain on some of the most technical, wild terrain I’ve ever been on. It is actually considered one of the most difficult point to point ultramarathons in the nation,” she said.

The Marquette woman embarked on the marathon the morning of Friday, Sept. 10, and for the next 27 hours, 14 minutes, and 10 seconds, she ran and climbed up steep, rocky, slippery terrain with no sleep and as little breaks as possible.

“There were moments actually when I had to use my hands to climb up some of the rocks and slide down on my butt to get down. I twisted my ankles on rocks and roots, and it was basically having my feet on rocks the entire time.”

Kubont began preparing for the race over two years ago, running an average of 90 miles on trails each week.

“I basically ran every single day. There was really no rest and the purpose of that was just to continue to have the constant stress on your body,” she said.

But even with years of preparations, there were still challenges she needed to overcome. At about mile 70 the pain began to kick in.

“To handle that I kind of approached it with the view of mindfulness. I recognized that the pain was there, I knew that it wasn’t going to go anywhere. It’s not so much the pain that’s the problem, it’s kind of like the mental ability to handle the pain.”

Kubont finished 2 hours and 17 minutes before the second-place female winner and 9th overall out of 200 total runners.

She did the run in memory of her aunt.

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