Marquette High School students honor 9/11 victims

Marquette Senior High School students placed 2,605 flags honoring the American lives lost on September 11.
Published: Sep. 10, 2021 at 5:51 PM EDT
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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Nearly 20 years ago students watched on TV as history unfolded.

Now, a new group of high school students are learning about 9/11; a day they weren’t alive to see. On Friday, Marquette Senior High School students placed 2,605 flags honoring the lives lost on September 11.

“It’s good to know about the people who lost their lives like the firefighters and first responders who, a lot of them, didn’t get to go home to their families,” said Gabriel Simon, Marquette Senior High School Sophomore.

This week, social studies teachers spent time teaching students about 9/11 and what led up to the day.

One of those teachers, Aaron Lancour, served in Afghanistan for a year as a medic and wants to make sure students, who weren’t yet born, understand what happened.

“With time everything kind of fades away so it’s important that we spend not just one day on this, but a whole week or even longer in remembrance and learning about the events,” said Lancour, Marquette Senior High School Social Studies Teacher.

Multiple students that helped place flags on Friday said they learned about 9/11 for the first time in elementary school. Despite not being born yet, events like this one help put the day into perspective.

“It’s definitely a lot,” said Simon. “It’s a lot more when you get a scale about it.”

“It’s awful thinking about what happened to all the Americans in the past,” said Caden Lafayette, Marquette Senior High School Junior. “All the firefighters and police officers who gave their lives to try and help save other people. All the people who were just innocent in the towers just trying to go on with their daily lives.”

Lancour says students have been really engaged in learning about the day this week and take pride in making sure we never forget.

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