UPDATE: Runaway away Gladstone chicken now safe at home

“Nugget” ran from police Tuesday night but she was no match for the officer’s speed and agility.
UPDATE: Runaway away Gladstone chicken now safe at home
Published: Aug. 25, 2021 at 7:53 AM EDT
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GLADSTONE, Mich. (WLUC) - UPDATE: Gladstone Public Safety was called to a campground Tuesday evening after Nugget the chicken was spotted roaming around. Public Safety chased the chicken, but she couldn’t outrun the officer and was captured. Gladstone Public Safety says Nugget wouldn’t talk after being read her Miranda rights, but all charges have been dropped.

“He let me get close to him but he didn’t want anybody getting too close so as soon as we would get close he would run. So, it took a little bit,” said Officer Nicholas Pellegrini of Gladstone Public Safety Department.

The Stewart Family just moved to the city and couldn’t leave their beloved Nugget behind.

“She’s two years old. She’s my daughter’s pride and joy, she adores her,” said Abby Stewart, Nugget’s owner.

The Stewarts were out of town Tuesday when Nugget escaped the backyard into a campground.

“We weren’t here. We all just had to watch it all unfold over Facebook which was very odd to see our chicken in the back of a police car,” Stewart.

The family says they’re thankful Nugget was found safe and ensure she’s loved at home.

“I never thought we’d have the U.P.’S most favorite fugitive. We’re glad she’s safe and back home and she’s part of our family,” said Stewart.

Gladstone Public Safety’s director says he had fun with the Facebook posts and wants the community to know that the department is like family.

“I did it to let them know we’re just like everybody else. We like to have fun, we have a sense of humor and also an opportunity to razz Officer Pellegrini,” said Ronald Robinson, director of the Gladstone Public Safety Department.

After being caught, Nugget was taken to the Delta Animal Shelter where she paid her fines in the form of a fresh laid egg. Nugget’s family plans to build a coop for her so she’ll have shelter during the winter.

A wanted chicken that was on the loose was captured by a public safety officer after a short foot pursuit in Delta County... According to the Gladstone Public Safety Department Facebook page, Leghorn chicken “aka Foghorn Leghorn” was finally captured after running around near a campground.

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