Gwinn cyclist recovering from Colorado bike crash

Retired U.S. Army veteran suffered broken left arm and briefly dislocated left leg after getting hit by semi truck
Published: Aug. 11, 2021 at 7:12 PM EDT
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GWINN, Mich. (WLUC) - Retired U.S. Army veteran Ryan Lipinski’s bike trip around the country nearly turned tragic in Colorado.

“A semi came up behind me and hit me and destroyed my bike and all my gear,” Lipinski explained. “Apparently, I was dragged or thrown 78 feet.”

On July 1st, Lipinski began a bike route at the Oregon-Idaho border, aiming to reach Yorktown, Virginia to complete a trip around the country for the second straight year.

On July 22nd, he was hit in Eads, Colorado. The semi truck’s driver stayed at the scene. The police report says he was cited for “careless driving causing bodily injury.”

Lipinski broke his left arm, his left knee was briefly dislocated, and his helmet cracked. The vet says it is a miracle he survived.

“Other than that, I just had a bunch of bruises on my arm and one big cut on the back of my elbow,” he said. “It’s amazing I didn’t get more. I don’t know how I walked away with just that.”

As someone who has Parkinson’s Disease, he says the trip has some meaning to it.

“It’s to increase awareness of Parkinson’s,” Lipinski stated, “and to educate people that, even despite Parkinson’s, you can still get up and do things if you put your mind to it.”

While his ICE Recumbent Trike may be no more, Lipinski says he is doing whatever he can to get another one and some new gear.

Most of it, I found replacements for,” he said. “Some of it, I had to find a different type of product because what I had doesn’t exist anymore. Hopefully, I get the rest of my stuff.”

Lipinski hopes to get a new Recumbent Trike by the spring. If that happens, he plans to pick up where he left off next summer in Eads, Colorado.

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