What to know before heading onto the water; Kayak safety tips

When heading out to the water, safety should always be a number one priority.
Published: Jul. 27, 2021 at 6:34 PM EDT
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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - When heading out to the water, safety should always be a number one priority.

Whether you’re heading out in a group or by yourself, communication is key.

“Tell them when you’re going, when you’re planning on coming back, and if you don’t get a hold of them or if you don’t see them by a certain time, they should call the authorities or try to call you to make sure you’re okay,” said Down Wind Sports Staff Member Tosh Blosser.

From there, proper equipment plays a key role in your safety.

Life jackets are not just recommended but required to be on board with you and finding the right life jacket is just as important as wearing one.

“A proper fitting life jacket can save your life. If you don’t have it tightened down correctly or if it’s too big or too small, that can kill you too,” said Blosser.

Marquette City Police Captain Lt. Chris Aldrich said other safety tips include carrying equipment like a phone or communication device, keeping a flare gun, wearing weather appropriate clothing and gear, and being aware of the wind and weather.

“Going with somebody. Always having a second set of eyes and ears and able-bodied person to help out if there’s an emergency. Maybe some type of survival type equipment,” Aldrich said.

If you do find yourself in a dangerous situation, kayakers should know safety techniques in case of an emergency.

“Knowing how to roll over in case you do flip in the water, a spray skirt on your boat if you are in a touring kayak, but it’s just having the experience and the know how in the proper situation,” said Blosser.

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