Increased ATV sales lead to heightened safety awareness

More ATV riders on Delta County trails lead local law enforcement to put an extra emphasis on public safety.
ATV sales, incidents increasing in Delta County
Published: Jul. 20, 2021 at 7:21 PM EDT
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ESCANABA, Mich. (WLUC) - Escanaba has become an attractive destination for off road riders. This has led to an increase in ATV sales over the summer.

“But as of right now we are doing pretty well. If we had more inventory in stock, we would be doing better, because it’s really hard to get right now,” said Sadie Strasser, office manager at Race Driven.

New drivers are hitting the trails and the Delta County Sheriff’s Office has some words of warning. “When you get more people on a trail, that’s typically when we see incidences on the rise. That’s because mirror, more travel, more traffic, more people,” said Daniel Lacarte, Delta County Sheriff’s Office Deputy.

In an effort to help educate new drivers, Race Driven hosted a female riding day. This provided valuable driving experience to the 147 women who participated in the event.

“There is so much that can be learned by coming into this sport. A lot of that comes from just jumping into it,” Strasser said. “Some of them are a tad intimidating, but just like a vehicle, you hit the gas and it goes.”

In order to still have fun while on the trail, the number one priority is safety. The Delta County Sheriff’s Office is ready to help the community stay safe. The sheriff’s office says the most common rookie mistake is forgetting trail permits. Lacarte says there are many reasons purchasing a permit is important.

“It’s a huge part of keeping our trials safe and keeping them in good condition. That’s where that money goes. It helps fund those things,” Lacarte said. “So, without buying the sticker you’re depleting your part of being a rider.”

The number one safety tip the Delta County Sheriff’s Office said was to create a plan. Let your loved ones know when and where you will be at any given time. That means if something were to happen, it is easy for first responders to find you.

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