Marquette City Police investigate vandalism incidents

Over the weekend, signs at the Noquemanon Trail Network South Trailhead were vandalized.
Updated: Jun. 9, 2021 at 6:49 PM EDT
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MARQUETTE COUNTY, Mich. (WLUC) - Over the weekend, signs and objects at the Noquemanon Trail Network South Trailhead were vandalized. While the graffiti has since been removed, NTN is asking the public to report any other damage they find on the trails.

However, the issue isn’t only happening on trails. The same symbols painted at the trailhead can be found all over Marquette County.

“The usual stuff that we’re seeing is the anarchy symbol, and there are some political themes,” said Detective Sergeant Mike Archocosky with the Marquette City Police.

Archocosky says the City Police are currently investigating the vandalism at the trailhead, among other public and private incidents.

Community members who use trails in Marquette County have mixed feelings about seeing graffiti.

“It’s kind of disturbing,” said Munising resident Mark Cohen. “I prefer the natural environment, and seeing people’s graffiti detracts from that.”

“I don’t notice it most of the time,” said Gary, another U.P. resident walking the trails. “When I do notice it, I find that some of it is annoying, some of it is offensive, but some of it is quite artistic too.”

Archocosky says vandalism is not a victimless crime, and it’s a crime that can have serious consequences.

“Graffiti resulting in under $1,000 worth of damage will be a misdemeanor,” he said. “Graffiti that results in over $1,000 results in a felony charge. If it costs them $20,000 to clean up the graffiti in chemicals and coverup paint, man hours, equipment, all that can be put toward the actual cost of graffiti damage.”

Now, the Marquette City Police are asking the public to keep an eye out for vandals.

“If it’s in progress, call 911 and tell the dispatchers what you see,” said Archocosky. “If you see graffiti on your property, report it and let the police know so we can try and catch the people responsible.”

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