Allergy season in effect around the UP

Warm and dry weather approaching the region, which could mean increased pollination
Updated: May. 14, 2021 at 4:09 PM EDT
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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Warm weather is approaching, which means those with seasonal allergies could face some obstacles while spending time outside.

While this allergy season is expected to be moderate compared to years past, meteorologist Matt Zika of the National Weather Service says there is one difference between this year and last.

“It was much wetter coming out of last winter into the early spring time period,” said Zika. “I think what was probably causing a lot of the allergy issues was different. Right now, we are dealing more with the tree pollens and things like that.”

A warm and dry stretch will be present over the next seven to ten days, with temperatures reaching the 70s in parts of the region. That also means increased pollination.

“Without a whole lot of rain during that time period, those are the times when we’ll get our first windy day,” Zika stated. “That’s when we’ll notice the pollen building up on your cars and even some clouds of pollen moving through the air when the wind does start to pick up.”

But, people can stay healthy while outdoors. Tyler Jenema, a pharmacist at Peninsula Pharmacy Plus in Marquette, says people can wear masks to mitigate seasonal allergies.

“If someone’s seasonal allergies are very bad,” Jenema explained, “We do recommend that they wear a mask outside when they’re doing things like gardening, mowing the lawn, or raking. Things that are really stirring a lot of those allergens that are in the soil.”

And if someone is experiencing seasonal allergic reactions, Jenema says there are medications that can help.

“There are several corticosteroids and nasal corticosteroids (FLONASE in particular) that’s available as an over-the-counter product now,” he mentioned. “You can get those on a pharmacy shelf.”

Jenema and Zika also advise people with any allergies to lessen how long windows are open to avoid pollen from floating indoors. Moreover, if someone’s allergies are worse this time around than in years prior, it is recommended that person consult with a physician or other medical professional.

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