New mechatronics program at MTU takes off

A hot new degree in the U.S.A.
This is a recording of the TV6 Early News.
Published: May. 4, 2021 at 6:43 PM EDT
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HOUGHTON, Mich. (WLUC) - Mechatronics - it’s a mix of mechanical and electrical engineering with a splash of computing.

Now, it’s available as a focus of study at Michigan Tech.

Moving forward, Program Director Aleksandr Sergeyev hopes more students get involved in what may become one of the most important degrees in America.

“Students who like to learn by doing, our through applications, that’s the right degree for them,” said Sergeyev. “All of our course work is supported by activities.”

The study is very versatile and drives the production of many common household items.

“If you think of any device that is out there, for example, a Roomba Vacuum,” said Sergeyev. “It’s an electromechanical device with advanced controls and automation.”

MTU’s mechatronics program existed as a master’s program for about two years.

Now, Sergeyev has helped it expand.

“We actually have two programs in mechatronics,” explained Sergeyev. “One is an undergraduate program, and it’s a brand new program that we just introduced last fall.”

In fact, the program has grown by 200% since it was implemented only last fall.

With a mechatronics degree from MTU, students will be able to work practically anywhere.

“They will be working in a broad spectrum of industries,” explained Sergeyev. “Automotive, aerospace, medical field.”

If anyone is interested, they can get in touch with MTU admissions to become a student or email Mechatronics Program Director Aleksandr Sergeyev at if you want to find out more about the program.

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