EGLE announces “Next Cycle Michigan” initiative

EGLE hopes to raise Michigan’s recycling rate to 30 percent by 2025.
Published: Apr. 19, 2021 at 4:14 PM EDT
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LANSING, Mich. (WLUC) - Michigan’s new recycling initiative has already committed $97M to partners throughout the state.

Michigan’s recycling rate is currently at 18.5 percent. To jumpstart recycling and help reach the goal of a recycling rate of 30 percent by 2025, EGLE announced its “Next Cycle Michigan Initiative.”

“Next Cycle offers a tremendous step forward for both recycling and business development,” said Liesl Clark, EGLE director.

Partnered with Meijer and the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, it’s a bipartisan initiative that will divert waste from landfills, create jobs and boost local economies.

“By turning waste materials into new products made here in Michigan, we can achieve our goals of saving resources, protecting our climate and contributing to the prosperity of Michigan-based companies,” said Liz Browne, director of materials management at EGLE.

In the U.P., Marquette, Ishpeming and Negaunee received $167,000 to partner with the recycling facility in Marquette. The Keweenaw Bay Indian Community received $20,000 for recycling bins.

In 2019, Michigan launched the “Know It Before You Throw It” Recycling Raccoon Squad to inform the public on what can and cannot be recycled. According to state data, 76 percent of Americans don’t know that failing to rinse and dry recyclables could contaminate everything in the bin.

“The effectiveness of Michigan’s commitment to recycling depends, more than anything else, on the daily decisions and actions of Michiganders,” said Clark.

In conjunction with Michigan’s “Know It Before You Throw It” raccoons, EGLE believes this new initiative will not only continue to educate the public on recyclables but also help put the state closer to its goal of being fully carbon neutral by 2050.

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