WUPHD holds community vaccine clinic at MTU

Clinics are expanding so people can get vaccines faster.
Published: Apr. 15, 2021 at 5:13 PM EDT
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HOUGHTON, Mich. (WLUC) - On Thursday, the Western UP Health Department (WUPHD) held a community-wide vaccine clinic at Michigan Tech’s Campus.

“This was an opportunity to run additional people through at a larger venue,” said Pete Baril, WUPHD director of community planning and preparedness. “To get some more through-put, versus our clinics that we run in-house.”

One person getting their vaccine was Copper Harbor Trails Club Executive Director Nathan Miller, who said he’s getting his vaccine so he can have fun this summer with his group.

“I just want to help protect myself and our community,” said Miller. “It’s been a chore as we all know not really being able to go outside and kind of hang out with big groups, or see family and friends as much as we used to.”

Initially, the clinic was supposed to be administering the Janssen vaccine. But, that particular vaccine was put on pause recently by the FDA and CDC. However, Baril said it was possible to change everyone over to Moderna.

“It took a little bit of effort in the last couple of days to contact everybody and make sure they were okay with switching,” said Baril.

Thursday’s clinic vaccinated about 450 people coming from the community and Tech’s student body.

If it is only someone’s first dose of the two-part Moderna vaccine, Baril said they will come back in four weeks. If they won’t be around, he said they can get the second part nearly anywhere else too.

“Your local hospitals, your local pharmacies,” were places Baril said can get you vaccinated even if you’re moving around between doses.

Soon, the WUPHD will be holding clinics of this size every week. But until then, Baril said to keep in touch with your primary care provider to find out when you can get a vaccine.

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