T-bone crash simulated for first responder training

Escanaba Township Fire Department, Guardian Flight and a Bay College EMS class were on the scene.
Published: Mar. 19, 2021 at 6:53 PM EDT
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ESCANABA TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLUC) - Escanaba Township Fire Department simulated an accident scene today allowing Bay College EMS students to practice removing people from cars.

A T-bone crash simulation in front of the Besse Fire Hall gave volunteer firefighters a chance to practice what they’d do on a real scene.

“Because every situation changes, every situation is different. The more you plan for it, the more you train for it, the better you are on the scene,” said Matt Rian, a firefighter for Escanaba Township Fire Department and the Delta County training chairman.

Bay College’s EMS class got hands-on training, too.

“This is new for them. They’ve never ever done this before. This is preparation for them to learn it here before they have to see it in the field,” said LaVerne Smith, EMT paramedic instructor at Bay College.

A firefighter acting as a victim in the car was trapped and using the jaws of life, firefighters had to cut the car apart to get him out. The EMS class followed right behind, ready to treat the victim.

“Everybody thinks oh I can’t do it, I’ll freak out. But really you were training takes over and you just take care of business. Then you process it later,” said Smith.

Not only did this give Bay College students hands on training, but also taught them communication.

“When you’re in a car accident scene you’ve got police, fire, search and rescue and the EMS on scene and you have to communicate,” said Smith.

After the first victim was removed, the Guardian Flight helicopter landed to practice picking up a second firefighter who was also acting as a victim.

The fire department says it’s important to keep moving when you see an accident scene on the road.

“Just let us do our jobs and it makes us safer. If you get people that are watching a scene, it could create another accident and it could injure one of our firemen,” said Rian.

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