TV6: Covering a pandemic

An inside look at how the pandemic has changed the way TV6 covers stories.
Published: Mar. 9, 2021 at 6:05 PM EST|Updated: Mar. 9, 2021 at 6:06 PM EST
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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - It’s been nearly a year since the first case of coronavirus in Michigan. Since then, the pandemic has changed the way many people do their jobs including us here at TV6.

“Our job by nature is interacting with people so how do reporters do their reports when they have to be away from people?” said Sarah Blakely, TV6 Anchor.

Like many others, we resorted to Zoom which changed the way we do our jobs.

“I feel like news has gotten a little less interactive because we can only do what we’re permitted to do,” said Alyssa Jawor, TV6 Iron Mountain-Kingsford Bureau Reporter.

While Zoom has made things easier at times, it’s also created challenges.

“Up here the hardest part is that broadband network,” said Jawor. “I mean I see it. It’s hard to do Zoom calls when you don’t have the broadband and you’re on the road and you’re in your car.”

And while many aspects of our jobs have changed, the goal has stayed the same.

“When something happens, we’re the people on the scene,” said Jawor. “We are the people that can talk to those higher up people and get those answers and we are still able to do that, but in a modified way.”

As cases continue to decline and businesses continue to reopen, TV6 has adjusted our reporting.

“Life is still continuing, what are those other things that are going on? And a lot of times it still has some coronavirus-related element to it,” said Blakely. “Everybody’s lives and everybody’s career have changed.”

One thing that hasn’t changed for many at TV6 is why we got into TV news.

“I don’t just do this because it’s my job,” said Jawor. “I genuinely do it because I care about Dickinson County. I care about the U.P.”

“Yes, people in news are sick and tired of this also. We don’t want this to keep going either,” said Blakely. “We’re not pumped about it either, but it’s just a matter of fact of this is our job that we have chosen to do to inform people of what is going on.”

Getting you informed remains our top priority.

“We’ve done an amazing job of communicating with the community and letting them know the information that they need to know,” said Rick Rhoades, TV6 Vice President and General Manager.

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