Michigan ‘ahead’ of Wisconsin in vaccine distribution

According to Julie Bieber, a VP of a Bellin Health clinic, MI is further along, and a couple weeks ahead of its bordering state, WI.
Published: Feb. 23, 2021 at 2:54 PM EST
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KINGSFORD, Mich. (WLUC) -Michigan and Wisconsin have taken different approaches to the covid-19 pandemic, and vaccination process. In MI, the vaccination process has been underway since December, headed by local health departments; While WI was a month behind than and all vaccination allocations come from the state.

Julie Bieber, the vice-president of Bellin Health Oconto hospital and clinics says her healthcare system is in both states and she is seeing a difference between the two.

“We do see Michigan being a little bit further along, a couple weeks ahead of the Wisconsin sites,” she explained.

She says so far nearly 900 patients though Bellin in MI have received their first dose, and less than 600 their second. But MI is already on its second group, vaccinating teachers, whereas that won’t start for Wisconsin until the middle of March.

“In Wisconsin, public health is at the table with us, but it’s been less control because the medications are coming straight to the entities,” she added.

Bieber says Bellin in Wisconsin has vaccinated a little under 3,000 people combined in three rural counties since the start.

“Now, we’re starting to see a little uptick, our goal obviously is to get to 2,000 per week,” said Bieber.

But Bieber says the vaccines are just not being given in rural areas, which is causing frustration to residents.

“They just want to get the vaccination, they don’t care what state they are in,” she explained.

But Bieber reminds everyone you must get your vaccine in the county you live in. she urges people to remain patient while they are waiting for more doses.

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