Wildwood Restaurant open, keeping busy

Customers say they’re thankful for in-person dining.
Published: Feb. 22, 2021 at 6:41 PM EST
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HERMANSVILLE, Mich. (WLUC) - Between the increase in customers and keeping everything homemade, Wildwood Restaurant is staying busy.

“We’re old staples, we’re going to fight it to the end,” said Donna Bellefeuil, owner of Wildwood Restaurant.

Bellefeuil says the restaurant completely closed last year after realizing it would take too much to just stay open for takeout. TV6 talked with Bellefeuil this past November and after 53 years of business, it was a very emotional decision for her. But at the beginning of February, her doors opened and customers were appreciative.

“Our customers come in and we thank them for coming to eat and they say ‘oh no, thank you for being open’ and I never had that happen before,” said Bellefeuil.

Even though there were some so many unknowns closing the restaurant last year, Bellefeuil says they’re still keeping busy. This past Sunday, the restaurant made more than 250 breakfasts - about 100 more than normal.

“Word of mouth from people who have been here is a big asset,” said Bellefeuil.

Wildwood employs about 22 people, half of which are high school and college students. Bellefeuil says it’s like a family.

“They always great people when they come in the door and they’re very happy to be back to work let me tell you. A lot of them were just beside themselves,” said Bellefeuil.

Bellefeuil hopes that one day she can pass the business along to her son and granddaughter.

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