Michigan Tech gets ready for Winter Carnival ‘21

The Huskies are ready for Winter Carnival, but with restrictions for public participation.
Published: Jan. 22, 2021 at 4:22 PM EST
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HOUGHTON, Mich. (WLUC) - Michigan Tech’s Winter Carnival is less than two weeks away.

Students have been creating snow sculptures and working hard behind the scenes all week to keep the Husky tradition alive.

However, things have to be different as with most events during a pandemic.

“We have had to take a break from some of the events this year,” said Scott Sviland, president of the Blue Key honors organization that runs Winter Carnival each year. “We looked at some events we could put on virtually.”

While the university isn’t prohibiting people from viewing the statues in person, it’s strongly encouraging people to view statues and Winter Carnival events online instead.

Regardless, students are looking forward to a break from classwork.

“I’m just excited that we’re able to kind of get out and embrace the cold a little,” said Natalie Green, MTU student, and TA. “But still have a good time and be as safe as possible.”

Sviland explained all the planning was for the students to have maximum enjoyment.

To make Winter Carnival more interesting, he and Blue Key introduced a wide variety of events this year, including a TikTok competition.

“They’re doing an art competition for orgs too,” said Green. “So I’m pretty excited to see how that works.”

Sviland went on to explain support has been phenomenal for Winter Carnival. In fact, before the snow finally fell on campus this week, he said the community was even willing to donate spare snow for sculpting. However, he thinks the event should be fine now.

“I think [the students] really need this right now. Of course, coronavirus is something we’ve taken really seriously,” said Sviland. “But, I think any break students can kind of get from maybe some course work is greatly appreciated.”

Winter Carnival will pick up motion on Feb. 3 when the all-nighter statue building begins.

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