Ewen-Trout Creek School staff first to be entirely vaccinated in Ontonagon County

It’s not quite normal yet, but it’s getting there.
Published: Jan. 11, 2021 at 7:07 PM EST
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EWEN, Mich. (WLUC) - Ontonagon County saw its first school staff be entirely vaccinated against COVID-19.

Superintendent of Ewen-Trout Creek School, David Radovich, looked forward to this day for a while and now it’s here.

“Today we’re vaccinating 33 people,” said Radovich. “That’s all our staff. Including bus drivers, cooks, paraprofessionals and teachers. Everybody in the district is going to be vaccinated -- today.”

Mariana Black, a nurse with the Western UP Health Department, said schools like Ewen-Trout Creek are eager to be vaccinated.

“They were right away” said Black. “They were checking in with me frequently and as soon as I could have it available to them I did.”

Radovich explained vaccinations came quickly after a phone call from the Health Department.

“I was informed last Thursday that they would be here today at two o’clock to start the vaccination,” he said.

Black said the vaccination process is very straightforward for the district employees.

“When they come in to get the vaccine today they’ll have a questionnaire,” she explained. “There’s basic questions on their health. Just to make sure what risk level they’re going to be as far as having a reaction to a vaccine.”

As a superintendent, Radovich is pleased to know his school won’t have to close its doors due to a COVID outbreak now.

“It’s a wonderful feeling, it’s been long waited for,” he added.

As other districts and the public become eligible for a vaccine, Black reminds people their patience will be important.

“All of the offices are getting inundated with calls,” she said. “So just being patient... we are trying to answer those calls and schedule people as we can.”

The school hopes case numbers continue to decrease and that the vaccine rollout goes well.

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