Norlite Nursing Center to receive Moderna vaccine January 11

The administrator’s goal is to get 90% of staff, residents and regular visitors vaccinated.
Published: Jan. 5, 2021 at 5:38 PM EST
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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - In less than one week, one Marquette skilled nursing facility will begin COVID-19 vaccinations.

On January 11, Norlite Nursing Center will administer the Moderna vaccine, in partnership with CVS.

Administrator Wayne Johnson says Norlite will have a process in place to vaccinate residents safely.

“We’ll have a team of at least two inoculators that will go room to room, and they will bring residents to a monitoring area in our dining room afterward and make sure there’s no reactions,” Johnson said. “They’ll supervise them for at least a half hour to an hour after receiving the vaccine.”

According to Johnson, staff and compassionate care personnel will also receive the vaccine that day. Johnson says Norlite is not mandating the vaccine, although he is strongly encouraging it. His goal is to get 90% of staff, residents and regular visitors vaccinated.

“If we hit that 90% rate, we’ll be somewhere around 180,” said Johnson. “But I’m going to remain optimistic and hope that we’re pushing for all 200 people who are regularly entering this building to receive the vaccine.”

Johnson says once the vaccines have been administered, Norlite will have to wait for orders from state health officials before lifting any restrictions.

“We will be advised when we’re able to take these masks off, when we’re able to allow our residents to sit with one another at a dining room table,” said Johnson. “We fully expect after the second round of vaccines, and then when it becomes more widely available, those visitations restrictions will be eased over time.”

CVS will hold a follow-up clinic, for the second dose at Norlite, on February 8.

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