Holiday Crafts at Madgoodies Art Studio

Take a look at the videos above for a demonstration on how to make homemade sugar scrubs and from-scratch wrapping paper.
An at-home holiday craft demonstration with Madeline Goodman, the owner of Madgoodies Art Studio.
Published: Dec. 16, 2020 at 9:41 AM EST
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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Sometimes, now more than ever, one of the best gifts to give and to get during the holiday season is anything with the personal touch. And luckily, the personal touch is a specialty for Madgoodies Art Studio in Marquette.

One of the craft-gifts shown up in the videos above is a sugar scrub. A sugar scrub is a mixture of sugar, coconut oil, and an essential oil of your choice. You mix it the coconut oil and sugar altogether in a bowl until the oil is evenly spread and set into the sugar, after which you can scoop it out with something like an ice cream scoop and store it in a mason jar or a small glass container, whatever fits best. You sprinkle in a few drops of the essential oil, shift it around, and voila, your very own sugar scrub is all done. The scrubs are fantastic exfoliants and aromatics, especially during the cold, dry winter months, and they can also help induce sleep, as well as open up pores and help you breathe a bit easier. You can pick up sugar scrubs from the Madgoodies’ Art Studio for $8/piece, or for $15/two, one of which will be donated to a frontline worker by the studio.

The second holiday craft is a fun, or at least different, at-home activity that can at times be the most thoughtful and the most stressful of any holiday period — gift wrapping.

Normally, it’s often the easiest to head to a store and either have your gifts wrapped as you pick them up, or do it at home yourself with pre-made wrapping paper. But this year, with all the added hustle and commotion of the season, it might be a bit easier, and a little more fun, to make your own wrapping paper.

There’s an incredibly simple way to do this — you just need a paper bag, some yarn, and something to decorate your homemade wrapping. You can use markers, paint, stamps, pencils, stickers, and a whole host of other items and implements to spruce up your holiday wrappings. It may take a little more time, but it adds that nice personal touch that can really brighten up someone’s day during some of the harder times we’ve all come to know this year.

“This stuff, it’s all about the personal touch, all about customization,” says Madeline Goodman, owner of Madgoodies. “I really like to give people something that’s meaningful, and I think this kind of stuff, when you work on it, can mean a lot to someone you care about.”

You can find a link to Madgoodies’ website here.

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