Keeping up with demand at Keweenaw Coffee Works

Employees say they’re using caffeine and Christmas spirit to get through this latest round of COVID-19 restrictions
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Published: Dec. 7, 2020 at 4:15 PM EST
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CALUMET, Mich. (WLUC) -Barista, Kevin Lamar Willmott II says he and the entire staff at Keweenaw Coffee Works have done everything they could to create the same atmosphere in their shop that existed before COVID-19.

“Obviously with the lockdown we can’t have dine-in seating and that kind of thing,” Willmott acknowledged.

Instead of cutting back, several new and limited edition products have actually been added to the menu.

“Since the new lockdown we have changed some of the roaster side of things here at Keweenaw Coffee Works. We’re offering a new 2020 coffee, our bourbon barrel coffee and we have many more holiday gift box options that are available here in the new future,” Willmott announced.

A few minor changes were unavoidable with this second round of restrictions.

“Some of our baristas that are out in the front are back in the roastery more. And we have had to maybe limit hours. But we’re really fighting to keep Keweenaw Coffee Works busy and everyone coffeed up and having some good food as well,” Willmott asserted.

Customers can call their coffee orders in over the phone. That’s one option.

“You can use our ‘Keweenaw Coffee Works app’ and you can come in also to get a coffee to go,” Willmott advised.

Willmott says since day one, the staff at Keweenaw Coffee Works have worked hard to keep everyone that comes in safe.

“Wearing our masks, washing our hands, using sanitizer and carryout cups,” Willmott stated.

He says aside from not being able to offer dine-in service very little has changed. However, employees there still understand times are tough.

“It’s been very hard on the Keweenaw,” Willmott admitted.

He says businesses up and down the Keweenaw and statewide are struggling in their own ways.

“Here at Keweenaw Coffee Works we’re just happy that we can still give the community coffee and food and we’re really looking forward to when we can get music and events back in action,” Willmott exclaimed.

Until then, we’ll have to take it one day and cup at a time.

Click here to visit the Keweenaw Coffee Works website.

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