Negaunee Township kicks off new glass collection service

The recycle-and-reuse initiative has come full circle for township residents.
Published: Nov. 24, 2020 at 5:34 PM EST
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NEGAUNEE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLUC) - The plan to recycle and reuse has come full circle for residents at Negaunee Township – with the addition of glass collection services at its monthly drop-off for rubbish.

“What was happening [was that] glass went into your garbage just like everything else. We’re trying to use as much recycling as we can. So cardboard, paper, tin, metals--we have a metal dumpster here. Everything that we can keep out of that landfill we’re doing it,” said Township Supervisor Gary Wommer.

Wommer informed that there’s been growing interest in repurposing glass.

It’s got long-time residents like Linda Roncaglione excited.

“We do the total recycle with the cardboard and the plastics and everything. So, there’s no garbage going out anymore,” the resident of 35-plus years said.

The glass collection works hand-in-hand with Marquette County’s new single-stream recycling program.

In Negaunee Township, it features a special trailer, which Wommer explained is built to endure the seasons including winter.

“We worked with U.P. Fabricating out of Negaunee. Nobody builds a glass-recycling trailer. You can’t Google it, it won’t happen. We worked with their engineering system and designed this trailer so that we have safety involved -- with the way the doors open and close, (at a level) so that the average person can reach them, the wind doesn’t blow them around,” Wommer said.

The trailer of glass materials are transported to the Marquette County Solid Waste Management Authority facility in Sands Township.

“It just worked out for us that we were able to get grants for our recycling carts. But we have shared all of our information with every other municipality in Marquette County, so that they too can get in on this and they can share in the wealth of doing this,” said Wommer.

The goal is to expand the ‘Recycle 906’ effort outside of the county and exemplifying the campaign’s motto: ‘Less landfill. More U.P. to enjoy.’

For more information on the recycling program, including acceptable and non-acceptable items check out the Recycle 906 Recycling Guide.

This is Part Two of a mini-series on recycling. Check out Part One here.

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