Marquette Big Boy readies for new Coronavirus restrictions

The restaurant will be running a delivery service which will be free for everyone within three miles of the Big Boy — just call (906) - 226 -1062.
Published: Nov. 17, 2020 at 9:41 AM EST
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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - As new COVID-19 restrictions go into effect across the state tomorrow, local businesses like restaurants and bars are facing yet another round of closure with their dine-in operations — and the Big Boy in Marquette is endemic of their hopes, and concerns, regarding the situation.

Marquette’s Big Boy is an interesting mesh of fast-food and sit-down dining operations, but starting Wednesday, they’ll only be able to rely on their delivery and take-out services to generate revenue.

The restaurant normally staffs close to fifty people — most of them will be sent home for the next three weeks, and a skeleton crew of about six will remain to operate the restaurant.

Big Boy manager Steve Whelan says his staff have anticipated the shutdown, but their expectations being met does little to calm their nerves.

“Morale’s not bad,” Whelan says. “It’s just that everyone’s really nervous. I mean, three weeks of no working, and unemployment is not very much right now, and they’re not getting the extra six-hundred, so... people are nervous. They have to pay their bills.”

Whalen advises that the best thing most people can do in times like this is buy local as much as possible, whether it’s ordering from a neighborhood restaurant, or getting a gift-card from a downtown shop for someone you know. Anything helps small businesses right now, during a time where attendance is low, and difficult financial straits lay ahead.

You can find links to the Big Boy’s Facebook Page here, and a link to their website here.

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