Opening Day approaches at Meister’s Tree Farm

Opening day for the farm is Nov. 27 at 10:00 a.m.
Published: Nov. 16, 2020 at 8:39 AM EST
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CHOCOLAY TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLUC) - It’s a little over a month away from Christmas, which means that sooner, rather than later, it’ll be time to pick out that one special tree to come home with you, stand in the living room, and decorate. And what better place to get that tree than Meister’s Farm outside of Marquette?

Meister’s has been in family hands since 1955 and is currently in its third and fourth generation of ownership. George Meister, the grandson of the original owner, and his wife, Katelyn Meister, as well as their four children, run the farm every year. And even in unusual times, you’ll still be able to get your trees, just like old times, nothing unusual about it.

“It’s always felt really special, being part of people’s traditions like this,” George Meister, co-owner of the farm, says.

The farm will be observing COVID-19 regulations such as facemasks and consistent sanitization, but you’ll still be able to go in-person if you want, to both the farm and the giftshop. And if you don’t feel totally comfortable, that’s fine too — Meister’s is running a home-delivery service, where customers can order their trees online, as well as anything they want from the giftshop and online store, and the Meister’s crew will have someone run out your order to you in no time. It’s a modern adjustment, but one that’s practical enough to make sense.

If you do choose to visit, however, the gift-shop is a perfect place to drop by for a moment and peruse. There’s a ton of Meister’s-themed merch, like mugs and sweatshirts, mixed around with simple holiday decorations like ornaments and other displays, as well as everything from kids books and toys to Bigfoot drinking glasses and John McClane plush dolls, so there’s something in the store for everyone. Many of the products are locally-sourced from Michigan and made in the U.S.A..

“We try to get as much local stuff as possible... like George said, it’s nice being part of people’s traditions, and this is our way of contributing,” says Katelyn Meister, the other co-owner of Meister’s Tree Farm.

You can find a link to Meister’s Facebook here, and a link to their website here.

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