Eagle Mine hosts virtual community forum

The company comprises tech innovation for a full interaction with the leadership panel
Published: Nov. 11, 2020 at 6:17 PM EST
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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - As mining in the U.P. continues evolving with the times, so does the way mining companies maintain community engagement under the challenges posed by COVID-19.

Thus, Eagle Mine’s leadership panel reached out via a virtual question-and-answer forum Tuesday.

External Relations Manager Matt Johnson said the question widely inquired by the 70 community and international participants concerned the state of the business during the pandemic.

He said look no further to the global demand for their product in stainless steel and electric vehicles.

“As one region of the world decreases the demand, another region of the world increases the demand -- which has all created a stable nickel-and-copper price. Stable nickel-and-copper prices create a stable business for Eagle Mine," Johnson said.

Another topic addressed: health and safety.

Eagle Mine’s protocol, COVID measures and all, has allowed for staff to return home safely -- at 365 days and counting.

“And really, hats off to our employees who have been dedicated throughout 2020. To reach that milestone of working 365 days without a recordable injury is really a remarkable achievement," said Johnson.

The external relations manager added that Eagle Mine, in operation since 2014, has reached its halfway point and that means operating with a dual focus.

“You know when we were building Eagle Mine it was a big project and now we’re planning to close in five years (end of 2025). And so it’s also another project on top of our ongoing daily operations," Johnson said.

The company asks the community and their employees as well to stay tuned about the closure process, as another virtual community forum may be in the works before the scheduled May 2021 session.

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