Wreath-making at Barrel + Beam

Shailah Pelto from Shailah’s Flower Garden walks through some decorating tips for the holiday season.
Published: Nov. 9, 2020 at 9:04 AM EST
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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - With Halloween in the rearview mirror, two of the biggest holidays of the season are now coming up fast on the horizon — Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Which means you’ve got less than three weeks to prepare for one, and about a month and a half for the other.

And that’s where Shailah Pelto and her unique skillset come in handy. Pelto’s been a farmer and florist for about ten years, and she’s in-demand this holiday season. She holds regular workshops and events, most of which are sold out already for November — though if you’re interested, there might be some coming up in December, if you feel the need for some hands-on craft instruction before wandering out into the world and making your own.

Some of her hottest items are her holiday wreaths, which are simple to make, but have a subtle charm and touch that keeps bringing people to seek Pelto out for decorative instruction and care.

If you’re unable to make one of the workshops, Pelto says making wreaths at home isn’t too difficult — in fact, it’s as simple as wandering out into the woods and foraging around for just the right collection of branches, leaves, and so on to make your perfect wreath.

“There are some things to keep in mind—like, not everything in the woods you can just harvest. Other than that... feel free to go out! We’ve got cedar, white pine, balsam.... those are all things you can harvest at home," Pelto says.

You can find links to Shailah’s workshops and other Shailah’s Flower Garden events on her Facebook page here.

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