Boosting campus morale for Halloween

Because this year has been anything but normal.
Published: Oct. 30, 2020 at 2:28 PM EDT
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GLADSTONE, Mich. (WLUC) - Students may be feeling a less school spirit this year with all the coronavirus restrictions. But at Gladstone High school, what would be a normal chemistry class activity, National Honor Society turned into an event for the whole campus.

“Typically, each year in Chemistry class we light a pumpkin for the kids. So, this year we thought just to give everybody a little smile as they’re walking in, we would do it for the whole school,” said Paula Lundin, Chemistry teacher and National Honor Society (NHS) Adviser at Gladstone High School.

NHS members got involved to help bring smiles to fellow students.

“Morale has been kind of down around here with the virus and all that. We decided that we could put on something for them before they enter their holiday weekend,” said Isaac Berthaume, NHS President and senior at Gladstone High school.

“Since we don’t have any Halloween stuff going on because of COVID, we just wanted to give some candy to the kids and everybody so they can just have some Halloween spirit going on,” said Wyatt Madden, NHS member and senior at Gladstone High School.

Using chemical reactions, they hoped to create some special effects.

“We’ve got these beakers full of borax and alcohol so we could make them glow green even though they kind of didn’t, but we had the spirit,” said Madden.

Because this school year has been anything but normal.

“The energy is kind of dampened with everyone going into quarantine and all that because of the virus. I mean, at least we’re able to go in school, but it’s just been kind of rough,” said Berthaume.

“We can’t have these dances and we can’t have these football games. We’re all limited on stuff so we’re trying to do our best,” said Madden.

But teachers and administration say students have been great at adapting to the new normal.

“This year has been a little hectic, a little more stressful than normal. l I think the kids have done a great job, they stepped up they’ve done what they needed to do,” said Lundin.

Even though student morale is lower than normal this year, Gladstone High School’s principal says his school is one of the few that has not had to shut down because of COVID-19.

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