Bergman and Ferguson compete for 1st District seat

Both candidates are now staking out differences on key issues like climate change
Published: Oct. 29, 2020 at 5:53 PM EDT
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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Republican Congressman Jack Bergman is responding to whether he endorses President Donald Trump for reelection.

This coming as he faces an election challenge from Democrat Dana Ferguson in the race for Michigan’s 1st Congressional District seat.

Both candidates are now staking out difference on key issues like climate change.

“I think climate change is one of those issues that can be a catalyst that can drive us into the future," said Ferguson. "It’s not going to be something that holds us back.”

“Well that’s his perspective," said Bergman. "The bottom line is we know that the climate has been changing since day eight, okay? And if I have to explain that to you I will do that at a different time.”

This highlighting two candidates with different backgrounds.

Bergman is seeking a third term in the House of Representatives, he’s a former commercial airline pilot and is the highest-ranking military veteran to ever serve in congress.

Ferguson is a third generation Yooper who grew up in Negaunee before getting his Bachelor’s degree in Economics at NMU. He’s worked in construction and carpentry.

While the candidates have plenty of differences, both say their first policy priority if elected is the same: helping bring digital access to rural communities.

“It became very obvious during COVID with people not being able to send their kids to school, people having to work from home, we need connectivity," said Bergman.

“Infrastructure is really lagging here in the first district,” said Ferguson. “It’s transportation infrastructure, its telecommunications infrastructure. The digital divide is really something that is keeping us behind.”

Ferguson says he wants to bring ten changes to congress politics. Among them: Being independent and not promoting partisanship. So is he prepared to vote against his own party?

“My first priority in Washington is going to be the people I represent, the people that put me there," said Ferguson. "Not just the people that voted for me, but everyone here in the district so I am absolutely willing to stand against any party.”

Meanwhile, Bergman says a key difference in his first and second term is Republicans no longer controlling the House.

“It gives me certain sadness to report that in the 116th Congress the last two years under Democrat leadership we have wasted two years where we could have been working together," said Bergman.

These comments coming after Bergman spoke at a “Make America Great Again” rally in Calumet.

Nick Friend: "Does Donald Trump have your endorsement for reelection as president?

Bergman: “You bet.”

Friend: “Alright clear enough.”

Bergman: “Unequivocally.”

And while Bergman fills the airwaves with TV ads, Ferguson says his campaign focused on online efforts while understanding their financial status.

“Yea, if I would have had a lot of money to throw out there yea sure I would have put some ads on TV, but do I feel like I’m at a disadvantage? Absolutely not, I think we are in a very good position," said Ferguson.

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