Battle for the seat: 109th State House District

Democrat Sara Cambensy and Republican Melody Wagner face off for the second consecutive election.
Published: Oct. 28, 2020 at 7:07 PM EDT
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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - In less than a week, people across Marquette, Alger, Luce and Schoolcraft Counties will find out who will represent them in Lansing for the next two years: either the Democratic Incumbent, Sara Cambensy, or her Republican opponent, Melody Wagner.

“The legislation I work on,” Cambensy said, “and how I conduct myself in the type of relationships that I hold on both sides of the aisle downstate that actually get results back to the U.P.”

“I’m ready to go to work for the people," Wagner said. "I’m healthy, I’m strong, and a lot happens from what I can see as broken.”

Wagner, a former police officer, is running on housing and safe living conditions. She says people have complained to her about the lack of help they are receiving from the state health department.

“I think it remains, ‘Call the health department. Tell them you got mold,'" Wagner explained. "They’re going to tell you, ‘Fix your leak and clean up the mold.’ I think they are still saying that. We don’t have any standards, federally or state to deal with that.”

Cambensy has a different angle when it comes to this topic.

“I think the biggest crisis we are facing in Michigan with housing is is it affordable,” Cambensy stated. "I know a lot of people that want to live near or around our larger U.P. cities pay quite a bit more for housing.”

Some of the other issues Cambensy is running on include creating energy independence and investing in education. Wagner’s other key issues involve criminal justice reform and consumer protection.

This is not the first time the two women have faced each other. Both ran in the 2018 race, where Cambensy won by a 16-point margin. The incumbent says she is confident she will defeat Wagner again and win a third term.

“I think just keeping my head down and staying focused on what the people want, who they want in their representative, and what they want them to focus on,” Cambensy said. "I think I have a good track record of doing their work.”

As for Wagner and her chances...

“We’ve got a lot going on in the news right now that is causing folks to leave Michigan,” Wagner stated. "And, it’s strong, I feel good about it, and folks are really excited that I decided to run again. They know I’m not bought out, so I am excited. We’re going for this.”

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