Iron Mountain’s first marijuana cultivation center sends out first sample for testing

Testing will allow them to dig deeper into each cannabis type.
Superior Selection Marijuana growers celebrate first harvest
Published: Oct. 23, 2020 at 1:19 PM EDT
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IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. (WLUC) -Iron Mountain’s first licensed cannabis cultivation facility, Superior Selections, has just sent its product in for testing.

“We’re in full grow mode,” said Dan Kreider, Superior Selections president and part owner.

Kreider says most of the employees are native to Upper Michigan.

“The team works very well together, mostly local, local owners, Iron Mountain, and we’re very proud to be here,” he added.

Superior Selections received their grow license in June, and they have been cultivating since. They just sent out their first harvest for testing this week. That product will be available for sale at Rize U.P. next week.

Superior Selections sales/marketing director and part owner, Justin Havinga, says testing will allow them to dig deeper into each cannabis type.

“We’ll be able to gather the information, the profiles, the THC levels, and CBD if it had any,” he said.

From there, the products gets sold to only pot shops, as this center is not licensed to sell to the public.

“We’ve had a lot of inquiries, not just from up here, from downstate as well,” said Havinga.

Superior Selections grows cannabis for both medical and recreation needs, while focusing on maintaining a high-quality product.

“Focus on creating new genetics and a high-quality product so we can service the state of Michigan,” said Kreider.

And they’re looking to expand grow space in the future. The company is owned by Kreider, Havinga, Corey Formolo, Dave Johnson and Janis Johnson-Cortez.

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