Jeffers High School faculty member tests positive for COVID-19

Adams Township School District Superintendent continues closure of the school.
Published: Sep. 16, 2020 at 7:45 PM EDT
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PAINESDALE, Mich. (WLUC) - It has been anything but normal for students everywhere across the U.P., including those at Jeffers High School.

On Tuesday, it was revealed that a faculty member had tested positive for COVID-19. Adams Township School District Superintendent Tim Keteri says there was a potential high risk of exposure towards staff, forcing the school to close.

“We had to close down," Keteri explained, "because we couldn’t get enough subs with the amount of staff that was exposed to this high risk interaction.”

The superintendent also mentioned that upon entering the school, there is “masking in all hallways. commonplaces, and everywhere around the building upon entry.”

As a result of this development, the local health department spent the entire day investigating to see if any other people within the school, especially students were exposed. Keteri believes Jeffers will bounce back from this situation.

“We will get through this," he said. "We will be up and running. We predict that we will be up as soon as the health department allows us.”

Keteri says after everything that had unfolded, multiple plans are currently on the table.

“This was a great warning for us,” he mentioned. "In terms of moving forward, we have to provide a system in which we can quickly manipulate from day to day.”

There is a hybrid instruction model in place, but Keteri says the district is working on making the in-person to remote transition smoother should there be another positive case of COVID-19.

The district confirmed late Wednesday the school would remain closed on Thursday..

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