Munising Social Studies teacher and students prepare to return to school

There is a bit of nervousness but overall they’re excited
Published: Sep. 4, 2020 at 7:39 AM EDT
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Munising, Mich. (WLUC) - Teachers and students are set to return to the classroom in Munising on September 8. Students there have the option of returning to face to face instruction or opting for online learning. The school is also making sure every student has a Chromebook - and will be utilizing online tools and programs.

For Munising Social Studies Teacher Eric Lynch and his students, preparing to go back to school this year means talking through the options and being ready for things to change.

“It’s really just trying to stay positive and stay focused,” said Lynch. Prepare for the worst but still hope for the best and don’t let that preparation for the worst affect your attitude because we have to stay positive.”

“I want it to be as normal as possible but I know it’s not going to be,” said Munising Senior Alexis Walther. “So I’m just going to try to make the best of it, I guess.”

Make the best of it and stay flexible. Having moved so quickly to online learning in March teachers are adjusting their plans knowing they have a bit of catch up to do and perhaps even more important, planning on just being together again.

“Academically we will be going at a little slower pace and that’s fine because it gives us time to just catch up and be like hey, it’s really good to see you again,” said Lynch. “We might not be able to shake hands or high five or anything like that but at least we’ll get to see each other.”

There is no doubt school will look and feel different, less movement, masks at all times, and lunch areas spread out. But for these students, they’d rather be back with the changes than not at all.

“I’m glad we’re going back to school,” said Munising Junior Eridinn Nayback. “The online learning was not for me. It’s better for me to focus and I do better and I have less distractions. Also, I get to see my friends. It’s really fun to get to go back even though it’s going to be a little bit different/ We’re all trying to do our best right now.”

“I’m excited to go back, just because, I’ve been cooped up inside a long time,” said Larson Nebel. “It’s the longest summer I’ve ever had. I’m looking foward to it more than I ever have in the past.”

There’s excitement, there’s a push to stay positive but there’s also anxiety - a cloud of nervousness that can’t be ignored. Lynch acknowedgles that but knows it’s time to get back to the classroom.

“I think every teacher wants to in their heart,” said Lynch. “Because we know that’s what’s best for our students and honestly that’s what’s best for us. There is a bit of nervousness, myself included, but I also know that all of us here, we are being safe and we want to be back in person, so, we’re going to do whatever it takes to be back in person safely.”

There are 640 students in the Munising School District, as of right now, 64 of those students have opted for the online option. Lynch says, he’ll miss his students that choose that option but he understands every family needs to make the best choice for them.

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