Rick Snyder: Family, friends encouraged former GOP governor to publicly announce support for Biden

The former Michigan governor is backing the Democratic nominee for president.
Published: Sep. 3, 2020 at 4:32 PM EDT
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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Former Michigan Republican Gov. Rick Snyder says conversations with family, friends and former constituents led him to publicly announce his support for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden over President Donald Trump.

In an interview Thursday with TV6′s Andrew LaCombe, Snyder said he can’t support the president’s re-election bid because Trump is a divisive leader.

“The Trump presidency has been very troubling for an extended period of time, from my perspective, because of the lack of civility in particular,” Snyder said. “We’ve never been more divisive, and he’s led that divisiveness.”

Snyder explained that conversations he was having leading up to the election prompted him to publish his support for Biden in a USA Today op-ed column.

“I started talking to family members, and I started talking to friends, constituents that helped get me elected, both in person and through Zoom and different mechanisms,” said Snyder, who left office nearly two years ago. “I asked people, ‘I have views. Do you think it would be worthwhile for me sharing them with the broader public?’ And the interesting part is, I got a lot of positive feedback from people saying, ‘Rick, one reason we voted for you and elected you is you attracted a lot of people in the middle. Republicans, independents, Democrats that were sort of moderates in the middle and gave us a direction to go, and we would appreciate you sharing that.’ So I thought it was worthwhile to come out and do that, and the feedback’s been very good so far. I mean, I’m getting the extremes. I’m getting a called whole bunch of names by people, and I’m getting thanks from people that used to call me names. But in the middle of all that, there’s a lot of people that I would describe as the center.”

Watch the entire interview at the top of this page.

President Trump’s Michigan campaign spokesperson says the battleground state has enough support to back Trump again in November.

“President Trump continues to enjoy unprecedented support from Republicans,” Chris Gustafson said in a statement. “Michiganders look forward to four more years of Promises Made, Promises Kept.”

Snyder declined to comment on the criticisms Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and President Trump have exchanged over each other’s response to the coronavirus.

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